The Journey of the Silvana

One Thousand and One Goodbyes

Dalipuga Shore, Iligan City

I have always believed that language is important. How will you make others understand you if you don’t speak your mind? And choose the right words with which to explain a scenario, a dilemma, or an idea?

But then, here comes the universe, with all its answers. I was browsing Youtube, looking for music. And I stumbled upon this:

Usa ca libo’g Usa ca Panamilit

This is a Visayan song. It literally means One Thousand and One Goodbyes.

Sure, I speak Visayan, but there are certain words in the song that I was not able to understand the first time. Some of the Visayan used here is deep, not used in daily conversations.  For the complete lyrics, click here.

Here are the words that I did not understand, at first, with their corresponding English meaning:

pagtuwaw – cry

panghupaw – sigh

lapyahan – shore

latason – to cross

I am currently sooooooo into this song, having said goodbye to memories just a month ago. But even before I got to fully understand the song, the melody itself is melancholy under the guise of music. And this made me realize that to convey a message, we humans do not purely rely on our ability to speak. We have been given so many media, so we can express and share. We use lines, colors, shades in Art, and sound in Music.

Congrats and Thanks to Jude Gitamondoc (composer) and Cindy Velasquez (poetess/lyricist) for this beautiful song!


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A solitary wanderer, I go to places few souls have had the courage to go to. The dry wind whips at my face as I cross the vast expanse of this desert.

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